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“Çocuktan Al Haberi Ünlüler” Donates TRY 160 thousand to Small Hearts

ÇORLU -TEKİRDAĞ - 9 OCAK 2015 SUPPORT of TRY 160 thousand for Small Hearts – Organized by Mika-Der in cooperation with SHOW TV, Ay Yapım and Ministry of Family and Social Policies, “Minik Kalpler İçerde” campaign continues to attract huge support of the society. “Çocuktan Al Haberi Ünlüler”, a TV show aired on Show TV, [...]

“İçerde Gala Night”

İSTANBUL - June 19, 2017 Held at Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 19, 2017, “İçerde Gala Night” was broadcast live on Show TV. Ebru Akel presented the night while Toygar Işıklı took the stage for a special performance. The surprise of the night, however, was the mini flute performance by Merve Başoğlu, [...]

#anıbiriktir Campaign

#anıbiriktir Mika-Der, TV series „İçerde“, Ay Yapım and Show Tv have met for a significant project to rehabilitate juvenile pushed to crime, suicide and drug abuse owing to severe trauma in their past and to gain them to the future. The project involves the establishment of the first sports and rehabilitation centre in Turkey on [...]

Mika-Der İçerde DolapHesap – “Happy Transformation”

Minik Kalpler İçerde, We are here for Small Hearts (Minik Kalpler). How about you? Use your balance in DolapHesap to make a donation to Mika-Der in order to help us establish Tekirdağ Mika-Der İçerde Sports and Rehabilitation Centre. Minik Kalpler İçerde… Please click on the link below to receive detailed information about making donations for [...]