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Opening of Kocaeli Demet-Cengiz Çetindoğan and Mika-Der Yunus Emre Children’s House

KOCAELİ - May 2, 2014 The donation of Demet & Cengiz Çetindoğan was used for opening a Children’s House for 7 siblings in Kocaeli. The opening ceremony which was held on May 2, 2014 was honoured by our donor Demet Çetindoğan, Vice Presidents Arzu Sabancı and Arzu Çebi, Secretary General Elif Türkay, Bookkeeper Mehtap Bayraktar, [...]

4th Traditional Ball of Mika-Der

İSTANBUL - May 29, 2013 Mika-Der held its 4th Traditional Ball in Shangri-La Hotel on May 29, 2013 which was enlivened with the songs of Superstar Ajda Pekkan and Enbe Orchestra. Sponsored by Toya Yapı, the profit derived from the Ball was used for construction of the 2nd stage of Mika-Der Houses of Affection in Bartın [...]

Visit to Yahya Kaptan Kassel Children’s Village in Kocaeli – 2011

KOCAELİ - July 24, 2011 Turkish Megastar Tarkan Tevetoğlu, President Nesrin Ercan, Vice President Arzu Çebi, members Banu Birkan and Sena Ağaoğlu paid a visit to Yahya Kaptan Kassel Children’s Village operated by SHÇEK in Kocaeli on July 24, 2011. The children living in the village had unforgettable moments with Tarkan during this important event.