February 07 2017 0comment

Güldür Güldür Show 2017

İSTANBUL - 7 ŞUBAT 2017 Güldür Güldür Show donated the ticket revenues of its performance on February 7, 2017 in BKM to Tekirdağ Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre. We are grateful to the team of Güldür Güldür Show including especially Mr Ali Sunal and all the employees of BKM in addition to Biletix and all the [...]
December 08 2016 0comment

Moda Tutkusu by Love My Body for Mika-Der

İSTANBUL - 8 ARALIK 2016 Moda Tutkusu by Love my body For Mika-Der collection was launched at Zorlu Raffles Hotel on December 8, 2016, Thursday. – Hosted by Mika-Der, Love My Body / Adil Işık Group  Vice President Zehra Işık and creators of Moda Tutkusu, Ayşegül Afacan Köksal and Yasemin Öğün, the launching event was honoured by Mika-Der President Nesrin Ercan, [...]
December 01 2016 0comment

Cooperation between Mika-Der & Turkish Philanthropy Funds

Turkish Philanthropy Funds, headquartered in New York, admitted Mika-Der as a partner association. Mika-Der projects selected by the Fund are proposed to donors in the portfolio for funding purposes.   Please click for make donation to Turkish Philantorpy Founds - Mika-Der Website
May 26 2016 0comment
6. Geleneksel Mikader Balosu

6th Traditional Ball of Mika-Der

İSTANBUL - MAY 26, 2016 Kenan Doğulu took the stage during the 6th Traditional Ball of Mika-Der which was organized in Raffles Istanbul Zorlu Center on May 26, 2016. Supported by Sinpaş GYO as a Silver Sponsor, the revenues to be derived from the ball shall be used for completing the construction of Tekirdağ Mika-Der [...]
February 28 2016 0comment

Visit to Construction of Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre in Tekirdağ

KAPAKLI -TEKİRDAĞ - February 28, 2016 On February 28, 2016 (Sunday), Head of Social Rehabilitation Services Department (General Directorate of Child Services) Emin Eraslan, Branch Manager of Rehabilitation of Children Pushed to Crime Mesut Demirtaş,Tekirdağ Provincial Director of Family and Social Policies Hasan Yılmaz and Project Coordinator Mehmet Yasin Yurtsevenler visited the construction site of [...]
February 23 2016 0comment
Karma Resim Sergisi - Toprak Sanat Galerisi - Akmerkez

Mixed Art Gallery, Akmerkez / Toprak Art Gallery

İSTANBUL - February 23, 2016 Ayfer Toprak Karavan and her husband Cengiz Karavan hosted a Mixed Art Exhibition which was opened by means of a cocktail party at Akmerkez / Toprak Art Gallery on February 23, 2016, Tuesday. A portion of the revenue was donated to Tekirdağ Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre.—The exhibition was comprised of [...]
February 09 2016 0comment

Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre in Tekirdağ – Interview with TRT

KAPAKLI -TEKİRDAĞ - February 9, 2016 TRT held an interview with President Nesrin Ercan at Tekirdağ Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre. Tekirdağ Provincial Director of Family and Social Policies Hasan Yılmaz, Kapaklı District Governor Mehmet Ali Gürbüz, Association President’s Assistant Canan Aşıroğlu, Association member Nihal Ata and Project Coordinator Mehmet Yasin Yurtsevenler were also interviewed for [...]
January 31 2016 0comment

Exhibition of Toys Calling for Happiness – Capitol Shopping Mall

İSTANBUL - January 31, 2016 Mika-Der (Minik Kalplerle Elele Derneği) organized “Exhibition of Toys Calling for Happiness” in cooperation with Capitol Shopping Mall. The exhibition which was held in Capitol Muse Project from December 21 to January 31 was comprised of the favourite toys of prominent figures along with the story of each toy. Among [...]
January 20 2016 0comment

Professional Outstanding Service Awards by Rotary Club

TEKİRDAĞ - January 20, 2016 Mika-Der received "Rotary Outstanding Service Honour” prize at the “Professional Outstanding Service Awards" ceremony held by Tekirdağ Rotary Club. President Nesrin Ercan and Vice President Arzu Çebi represented the association in the ceremony. The prize of Mika-Der was given to our President Nesrin Ercan by Mehmet Sabri Görkey, the 2420th [...]