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Exhibition of Toys Calling for Happiness – Capitol Shopping Mall

İSTANBUL - January 31, 2016 Mika-Der (Minik Kalplerle Elele Derneği) organized “Exhibition of Toys Calling for Happiness” in cooperation with Capitol Shopping Mall. The exhibition which was held in Capitol Muse Project from December 21 to January 31 was comprised of the favourite toys of prominent figures along with the story of each toy. Among [...]

SMS Campaign

İSTANBUL - December 30, 2015 An “SMS Campaign” was organized in cooperation with 3 GSM Operators (Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk Telekom) so as to procure funds for the construction of Tekirdağ Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre in Tekirdağ, Çerkezköy.

Construction of Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre in Tekirdağ

KAPAKLI-TEKİRDAĞ - December 13, 2015 These photos reflect the current condition of Children’s Support Centre (Rehabilitation Centre) which is constructed for rehabilitating children (Small Hearts) under severe trauma in Tekirdağ, Çerkezköy – Kapaklı. The construction is currently underway. More than half of the funding has been provided and the remaining portion shall be derived from [...]

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre in Tekirdağ

KAPAKLI -TEKİRDAĞ - September 10, 2015 General Director of Child Services Temindar Aytekin, Tekirdağ MP Ayşe Doğan, Tekirdağ Governor Enver Salihoğlu and Vice Governors, Kapaklı Mayor İrfan Mandalı, Tekirdağ Provincial Director of Family and Social Policies Hasan Yılmaz and Vice Directors as well as Mika-Der President Nesrin Ercan, Vice Presidents Arzu Sabancı and Arzu Çebi, [...]
Mika-Der Tekirdağ Rehabilitasyon Merkezi Protokol İmza Töreni

Signature Ceremony for Protocol of Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre in Tekirdağ

KAPAKLI-TEKİRDAĞ - July 28, 2015 Governor Enver Salihoğlu and MİKA-DER President Nesrin Ercan signed a protocol on construction of service buildings for Children’s Support Centre which shall provide services for 30 disadvantaged children Service buildings for Children’s Support Centre shall be constructed by Minik Kalplerle El Ele Derneği (MİKA-DER) in Karaağaç district of Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ [...]

The Phantom of Opera

İSTANBUL - May 17, 2015 Zorlu & Minik Kalplerle El Ele Derneği (Mika-Der) made a cooperation to help Small Hearts in Bartın by means of the mask used by “Phantom of the Opera”, a world famous musical. Redesigned by prominent Turkish artists for the musical which was staged in Zorlu Performing Arts Centre until May [...]

5th Traditional Ball of Mikader

İSTANBUL - April 15, 2015 Minik Kalplerle El Elele Derneği (Mika-Der) organized the 5th Traditional Ball of Mika-Der in Raffles Istanbul Zorlu Center on April 15, 2015. Sponsored by Odeabank and Jotun Boya, the night was distinguished with the performance of Kenan Doğulu and Tarık Sezer Orchestra. The revenues derived from the ball shall be [...]