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Visit to Kindergartens and Orphanages in Adana for Needs Assessment

ADANA- January 18, 2010 Philanthropist businessmen Mr Cengiz Çetindoğan, Mr Mustafa Başer and Mr Hasan Başer made a donation at the ball organized in Çırağan Kempinski Hotel on December 6, 2009, Sunday. Also, the renovation projects were discussed in relation to Adana Houses of Affection and Orphanage for Girls, Orphanage of Seyhan Municipality and Social [...]

Ball of Mika-Der

İSTANBUL - December 6, 2009 Mega Star Tarkan, Mika-Der member Behzat Gerçeker’s Enbe Orchestrate and Mika-Der member Açelya Kılıç took the stage at the Ball organized in Çırağan Kempinski Hotel.

Visit to Kindergartens and Orphanages in Eskişehir for Needs Assessment – 2009

ESKİŞEHİR - May 3, 2009 Philanthropist businessman Mr Ali Ağaoğlu made a donation for kindergartens and orphanages in Eskişehir after his support for Tekirdağ. Board of Directors of Mika-Der went to Eskişehir on May 3, 2009, where they visited Eskişehir Orphanage for Boys, Orphanage for Girls, Halis Toprak Kindergarten, Kindergarten of 6-12 Years and Yunus [...]

Trabzon Opening Ceremony – 14 April 2009

TRABZON - April 14, 2009 President Nesrin Ercan, Vice President Arzu Sabancı, Zafer Kozanoğlu, Secretary General Elif Türkay and Member Kadriye Yılmaz visited Trabzon on April 14, 2009 in order to review the activities on site. Mika-Der was awarded a gold medal by Institution of Social Services for its contributions under Trabzon project.
Tekirdağ Projesi

Tekirdağ Project

TEKİRDAĞ - April 6, 2009 Mr Ali Ağaoğlu made a donation for Tekirdağ. Board of Directors of Mika-Der paid a visit to the kindergartens and orphanages in the city, where they met the Governor and Provincial Director of SHÇEK. Tekirdağ Zübeyde Hanım Kindergarten, Orphanage for Boys and Çerkezköy Kindergarten were duly constructed.

Ferhat Göçer and Edip Akbayram Concert

TRABZON - November 8, 2008 The Association organized the first event on November 8, 2008. Ferhat Göçer and Edip Akbayram held a concert in Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre. TRY 81,827.91 which was derived from the concert was spent to improve living standards and educational expense in Trabzon Fatih Kindergarten, Trabzon Kindergarten and Orphanage [...]