Mixed Art Gallery, Akmerkez / Toprak Art Gallery

İSTANBUL - February 23, 2016

Ayfer Toprak Karavan and her husband Cengiz Karavan hosted a Mixed Art Exhibition which was opened by means of a cocktail party at Akmerkez / Toprak Art Gallery on February 23, 2016, Tuesday.

A portion of the revenue was donated to Tekirdağ Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre.—The exhibition was comprised of 45 works of art created by famous artists Remzi İren, Sema Çulam, Suna Boyacı, İsmet Doğan, Gülveli Kaya and Güzhan Müstecaplıoğlu to reflect Modern Turkish Art. The exhibition was concluded on March 18, 2016.