Construction of Mika-Der Children’s Support Centre in Tekirdağ

KAPAKLI-TEKİRDAĞ - December 13, 2015

These photos reflect the current condition of Children’s Support Centre (Rehabilitation Centre) which is constructed for rehabilitating children (Small Hearts) under severe trauma in Tekirdağ, Çerkezköy – Kapaklı. The construction is currently underway.

More than half of the funding has been provided and the remaining portion shall be derived from new concerts and events.

Still, there are other suggestions such as purchasing rooms and inscribing names on the doors of those rooms. This suggestion is found to be reasonable. Donors are invited to donate TRY 25,000.00 in order to give a name to any door. Winning a child will be the best investment in the future of this country. We are ready to assist those who want to be part of this investment.

Our motto is “The light you will cast on their future will illuminate your path”.