Konya Mevlana Houses of Affection and Orphanage for Girls

KONYA - May 9, 2013

Aslı Üstünkaya, a founding member and board member of the Association, made a donation for refurbishment of the building for 0-6 age group and procurement of a playground for Konya Mevlana Houses of Affection Kindergarten and Orphanage for Girls.

Düzenlenen açılış kutlamasına, President Nesrin Ercan, Vice Presidents Arzu Sabancı and Arzu Çebi, Donor and Board Member Aslı Üstünkaya, Secretary General Elif Türkay, Bookkeeper Mehtap Bayraktar, members and pop star Ajda Pekkan attended the opening ceremony. A playground was created for adding fun to the life of children sheltered in Houses of Affection.

Mevlana House of Affection is situated on a campus of 10 thousand sqm with single-storey and duplex buildings and offices. Mika-Der fully refurbished the section comprised of 3 single-storey buildings reserved for children of 0-6 years.