Muğla Opening Ceremony

MUĞLA - March 23, 2013

President Nesrin Ercan, Vice President Arzu Çebi, Bookkeeper Mehtap Bayraktar, members Eser Bayraktar, Selin Bozkurt and Beril Miskavi attended the Opening Ceremony in Muğla which was held on March 22-23,  2013.

İlknur Bayraktar & Mika-Der Yıldız Children’s House, Özcan Sabancı & Mika-Der Zeybek Children’s House and Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan & Mika-Der Ege Children’s House were visited in the accompaniment of Mehmet Ali Kariptaş, Muğla Vice Provincial Director of Family and Social Policies, in order to review and oversee the activities on site.

Muğla Deputy Governor Faruk Necmi Kurt was visited in his office in order to discuss the current condition of the project.