Tekirdağ Project is Awarded Gold Medal

ÇORLU -TEKİRDAĞ - December 6, 2010

The donation made by Mr Ali Ağaoğlu was used for a project which was meant to prepare children for the future by improving the living standards in Zübeyde Hanım Kindergarten, Orphanage for Boys and Çerkezköy Kindergarten operated by SHÇEK in Tekirdağ. As the project was completed in June, Mika-Der was awarded a gold medal for its contributions to the city.

The gold medal was presented to Mika-Der President Nesrin Ercan by Selma Akarsu, Provincial Director of Social Services. Mrs Akarsu held a speech during the ceremony in which she expressed her appreciation of the activities performed by President Nesrin Ercan and members of Mika-Der.

Mika-Der President Nesrin Ercan, Vice President Arzu Çebi, Bookkeeper Dilek Güney, members Nihal Ata, Aslıgül Atasagun and provincial authorities attended the ceremony.