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Adana Opening Ceremony

ADANA - November 25, 2010 Adana Houses of Affection and Orphanage for Girls, Orphanage of Seyhan Municipality and Social Care and Rehabilitation Centre were officially opened on November 25, 2010 at a ceremony which was honoured by Mrs Eser Başer, wife of donor, Mustafa Başer, President Nesrin Ercan, Dernek Vice President Arzu Sabancı, Secretary General [...]

Eskişehir Opening Ceremony – 2010

ESKİŞEHİR - 2 TEMMUZ 2010 Board members of Mika-Der and Mr Ali Ağaoğlu paid a visit to the kindergartens and orphanages in Eskişehir to oversee the activities that were performed in the city. As a result of the project, Mika-Der was awarded gold medal by Institution of Social Services. Deputy Governor of Eskişehir Ekrem Ballı [...]


AMASYA - 21 MAYIS 2010 The donation made by Mrs Berna Çebi at the ball organized in Çırağan Kempinski Hotel on December 6, 2009, Sunday was used for improving the condition of SHÇEK kindergartens in Amasya. President Nesrin Ercan, Dilek Güney and Bahar Cengiz went to Amasya on May 21, 2010 to determine the needs [...]